About My Poetic Side

Long ago in days of yore … which sounds a lot nicer than "back when I was in high school."  ;)  Anyway, I used to write poems.  I liked the challenge of trying to say what I wanted to say in as few words as possible, and to make those words rhyme somehow.  I loved music, was foolish enough to fancy the idea of being a "rock star," and wanted to write "songs" I could sing to.

I stopped writing poems many years ago for a few reasons.  I got older, I got married, the person I was married to at the time wasn’t interested in anything I wrote, so I put down my pen, basically.  I kept everything I ever wrote though.  I had folders stuffed full of finished things, and unfinished things.  A divorce, a move, a new and far better marriage, my poems went with me.  An essence of myself I wasn’t willing to part with.

Life gets in the way sometimes though, of what we’re willing and unwilling to do, and for reasons that really aren’t important here, it became necessary for me to put my writing into storage.  That storage was subsequently robbed or ransacked, I never really found out the whole deal, but bottom line, no more poems.

And honestly, I no longer felt I had the heart for it.

My poems were all depressing anyway.  That’s how I dealt with my melancholy side.  I even wrote about that once.  "I put my tears down on paper so you won’t see them in my eye."  Now we call it emo, but back then it was just angst.  πŸ™‚

Lately though, reading through the awesome poets linked to at the bottom of this blog, I’ve started feeling inspired again.  I know I’m not very good.  I know I’m "Hallmarky," and I don’t pretend to be anywhere near the same level as these ladies are.  And fortunately, I’m not looking to have my ego stroked either.  :D  I’ve just begun feeling that tentative urge again, to find notebooks and pens in pretty colors, and jot things down.  So, in the interests of a blog not being able to be robbed or ransacked as easily as a storage place, I’m putting things up here for safekeeping.

Some things are recent, but I also thought I’d put up the fragments of my old stuff as they come back to me.  Those

"Long forgotten tattered lines
From old and painful rhymes.
Lines so soft, yet different
And too closely intertwined."

Heh, what did I know of old and painful rhymes at 18?  Little did I realize how they’d come back to haunt me like that.  πŸ™‚

So that’s my "About" and I’m sticking to it.  πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “About My Poetic Side

  1. **applauds***
    I am thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. I don’t think you know just how talented you are, darling Ness:)

    And I am honored at being included in your list below. Thank you:)

    Thank you so much D. Your words mean so much to me. πŸ™‚

    And the honor is mine, truly.

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  2. I understand about depressing poems. I recently told someone that we can write about angst and sadness because those feelings are cast in deep dark waters. Happiness is more like a clear running brook. I have to catch those words quickly; hence, haiku. I can still write about the dark stuff, but I try not to finish the poem until I can find some redemption. A work in progress!

    Oh I love that analogy! The deep waters and the running brook – that is brilliant! πŸ˜€

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  3. I suffer the same with a partner who’s not interested in what i write.. Thus i stopped caring and I just write for the people who really care..

    Thumbs up.. I really admire your courage..
    Keep up the good work.. I’ll take a look on your blog cz it seems warm and inviting.

    It’s hard when the people you care about don’t care about your writing, because your writing is, in essence, yourself on paper. So when they don’t care about it, it feels like they don’t care about you. I’m sorry you’re experiencing those feelings – they aren’t fun, I know. I was fortunate in that when that marriage ended, I found someone who does care about me, and takes an interest in my writing too. πŸ™‚ He’s also a writer (horror fiction) so he knows how it feels want your partner to care about your writing. πŸ™‚

    Keep writing! I should never have put down my pen – I’m sure it would have helped me navigate some really difficult times. Like you said, write for those who care, and not for those who don’t. Already you’ve learned a valuable lesson. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by, Nanno, I hope to see you again!

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