Dreaming Of

The memory of your pleasure
Is too close to
The memory of my pain.
I cannot keep them separate in my mind.
Your promise was a lie.

This, my promise, is true:
One day you will know you need me.
I won’t be there.
Because of you,
You sent me away.
Because of me,
I remain that way.

Your father said
“You’ll be sorry if you let her go.”
You said
“It’s just for a little while.”
Your father said
“Nothing is ever ‘just a little while’.”

from: Another weird dream « The “Ness” in DarcNess 😉

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4 thoughts on “Dreaming Of

    • ROFL! NO! Not sure if you could see the link at the bottom. This was from an old post on my old blog. The poem was from a dream I had. I wasn’t even in the dream, a very 3rd person sort of thing, so I feel awkward “taking credit” for it by posting it here, but nonetheless, it *was* MY dream, so, here it is. 🙂

      Love you madly, as always. *kiss* 🙂


    • Thanks, Love. 🙂

      It’s weird, when I read it back myself, it still kind of shakes me a little, too. Not sure why, but it does.



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