A Tale of Strength

They stood around and looked at me,
Where I curled up on the floor.
“Go away, I hate you!” I shouted.
“I don’t want you anymore!”

“We know,” whispered one
Who knelt down to stroke my hair.
“You don’t yet see or understand,
We are your friends though you aren’t aware.

She placed a package at my feet,
An ugly box, mangled, without bow.
A light poured forth as I peeked beneath the lid.
It’s warmth spread through me with a glow

I stared at them.


What is this? I whispered


I don’t understand this at all! I cried,
While Sorrow stroked my hair.

“Listen,” said Loss, “when we came into your life you were pretty weak.”
“But we toughened you up,” remarked Despair.
Grief replied, “We’re pretty heavy, like a ball and chain.”

Don’t I know that!

“Every day, you grew a little stronger,” explained Agony, “until dragging us around wasn’t as hard as it was at first. We press on you until you are strong enough to cast us off, and that’s how we know you’re ready for what’s in the box.”

“You are!” spoke Sorrow. “When you’re finally able to toss us aside it means you’re strong and your arms are empty, so you can fully embrace Joy and Hope, Peace, and all the rest. Joy is not for the faint of heart, you know! It’s only by casting us off that you realize how precious they are, otherwise they are meaningless. So you see, we really are your friends.”

I could only stare in dumb amazement, as they placed the gift box in my lap.

And Sorrow smiled at me as they walked away.



7 thoughts on “A Tale of Strength

  1. OMG this has reduced me to tears. What beautiful words that spoke directly to my heart and soul. Thank you so much. I will re-read this, in fact I may need to print it out and keep it close.

    Liked by 1 person

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