Ink Stains

(inspired by my friend Sherri.  :)  )

She spoke of pens and I heard mine call
“Hey!  Over here!” cried the ones on my desk in the old frosting tub.
Even the ones tucked in the drawer could be heard,
“Why ya gotta be so mean?  Take us out!  Let us feel some love!”

It’s a weakness of mine, I confess,
my pens create a palette, a jumbled rainbow of hues
And metalics, and glitters, and plains, To match
any mood or emotion I might want to write down, like if I’m blue.

I have a pen for that. 
Because you never know what color you’ll feel, like yellow or pink,
And the pen has to match how I feel.
She spoke of writing and pens and of course, that also means ink.


5 thoughts on “Ink Stains

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  2. I really like this poem’s flow. And also that is about pens. Never really thought about a pen’s perspective…

    Why thank you, Gnarly. 🙂 To be honest, I never thought of pens having a perspective either, until I wrote this. Just shows how you never know what will strike you or when. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂


  3. I never thought to have a color to match my mood. And the pens taking on personas would be wild. Thank you for offering this perspective.

    Thank you for the kind comments, Dan. 🙂


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