Up in Smoke?

My fear is that my muse lived in the smoke of endless cigarettes

And now that I’ve quit

There is only the brownish yellow scum she left behind on my walls

And no creativity whatsoever.


(Thanks for being patient with me, I’m trying!)

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3 thoughts on “Up in Smoke?

  1. Cannot figure out how I missed this update, hmm… Anyway, do you really expect me to believe there is nothing creative in that brownish yellow scum?? Not buying it sister! 😉

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, so I’m amazed you’re still here! Having a Reader helps for sporadic posters. 🙂

    LOL Creativity? Hmm, I dunno! I feel like I have so much going on spiritually right now but the creativity stuff is like just below the surface. I’ve been trying to jot things down, we’ll see what fleshes out. 🙂 *hugs* you. Thanks for still being here.


  2. Thank you . . . I understand this big time! I’ve been trying to understand the relationship between smoking and pondering. I do believe they are related, or else how could I come up with nicotine thoughts? One can also ponder in the bathroom, but that’s another poem 🙂

    Oh there is definitely a relationship! I can attest to that! LOL You know what’s funny? My smoking room was the bathroom! That’s how I kept the smoke contained and away from the kids and it didn’t get in the rest of the place. But now I often feel like I used to spend time just … pondering … and I don’t seem to have that anymore. I miss smoking! And not just for the obvious reasons.

    Thanks for still being here. 🙂


  3. Great that you could overcome this- although a personal choice- wish you beat of health.. 🙂

    Ah, thank you Olivia. 🙂 Part of me is glad I quit, and part of me still misses it terribly. It was an old, comfy friend in many ways. 🙂


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