I’d heard those words
Words meant to
Filet someone alive
Lines delivered by an actor
To convey how despicable
And hateful
His character truly is

I gasped
Wrapped my arms around myself
And wept

Because those very same lines
Word for word
Had been delivered to me
By those
Who claimed to love me

And I finally saw
So clearly
The vile
That I wanted to

He paused the tape and
To comfort me
“Don’t,” he whispered, “It’s just a movie.”

I know
But it’s not
It was my life
He bears witness

The movie was
A true story
And so is my life

They treated me no better
Than a dirty cop
Who vilified an innocent woman
To cover police corruption

Now I understand
The bigger picture
Why those who called me
Did it to me

Now I understand
Why I
A Gentile
Had to sit shivah
For the living

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One thought on “Words

  1. Amazing. When you feel strong enough and if you are so inclined, please share what happened. The last paragraph was some punch.

    Thank you.

    I am strong. Now. There was a time when the blows left me face down in the dirt, but not anymore. The events happened a few years ago, the movie more recently, but it’s so nice to know – you have no idea how nice – to know that someone is willing to listen should the time ever come for me to tell my story. *hugs*


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